How do you express love? What makes you feel understood, cared for, and seen? According to Gary Chapman, marriage counselor and author of 'The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts', how we show and understand love can be categorized into five love languages. While we all understand each language, there’s always one expression of love that you'll be more fluent in: Your primary love language.

Knowing your partner's love language will make you better equipped to meet their emotional needs, and improve your understanding and connection. Planning a date around your partner's specific language is guaranteed to take date night (or day, weekend) to the next level.  

Click this link to learn your love language before scrolling down to find the perfect date idea for you and your significant other (s/o). Our tip: pick one activity from your love language and one from your s/o's for a love-filled and balanced night.

Words of affirmation: This love language is all about words. Don't be shy in expressing exactly how you feel about your partner. The more specific and less cliche, the more effective it is.

  1. Ask each other these questions: Open the article and use the random number generator to pick a question to help you deeper your relationship and find new ways to express your feelings.
  2. Exchange love letters: Go to a cafe, sit at separate tables, and take some time to write honest and specific love letters. Exchange them right then and there or during dinner after.
  3. Make a PowerPoint presentation of reasons why you love them: Be as heartfelt or as silly as you want but make sure to get intimate and include lots of inside jokes.  
  4. A love-song karaoke night: Get a private karaoke room and sing each other the cheesiest and corniest love songs. Drinks are encouraged.

Quality time: Quality time means undivided attention, lots of eye contact, and no distractions. Put your phones on ‘do not disturb’ and be present with the absolute smoke show that is your partner.

  1. Have a board game night: Either at home with some spicy card games or at a board game cafe with classic (and PG) games.
  2. Try out a new activity: Go-karting, ax-throwing, or paintball shooting - do something new and exciting that gets your blood pumping.
  3. Try out a new restaurant: Pick a place with lovely views or a wild menu and simply be in each other's presence. Bring up all your curiosities! Ask the wild questions!
  4. Go rollerblading: There’ll be no distractions as you're focussing on staying upright and enough laughter when one of you loses balance or needs to dodge a pro-roller blader showing off their skills.

Gifts: Contrary to possible first impressions, this is not the type that needs to be showered in diamonds and luxury. It’s really about the small gestures and little “this made me think of you,”s that speak to the gift-lover's heart.

  1. Tickets to their favorite artists, band, or team: Not only is this a great way to show that you pay attention to their interests but it's also an opportunity to engage with their passion and make new memories.  
  2. For the kinky: Go to a sex shop together and pick up gear for a kink that you’ve discussed and been wanting to try.
  3. Go to an art class and at the end, give each other the finished artwork.
  4. Get matching bracelets: Whether you want to get them personalized with your nicknames (or, ahem, titles), it’ll be a cute accessory and a simple reminder of your love.

Acts of service: For this language, actions speak louder than words. A person with acts of service as their primary love language feels most loved when they're being helped with projects or supported through a difficult task; It's all about the non-verbal expressions of love.

  1. Cook a nice dinner: Whether it's a simple dish or a four-course meal, cooking them dinner is a perfect way to show (rather than tell) your love.
  2. Learn a (new) massage technique and try it out on them. If you want to get spicy, try a tantric massage.
  3. Plan out an entire night: From transportation (call them an Uber to the place where you’re meeting) to table reservations, take control of the entire evening.
  4. Breakfast in bed: This is a straightforward way of showing you care the morning after a successful date night.  

Physical touch: Forehead kisses, handholding, and hugs are all crucial for making your partner with this love language feel appreciated and seen.

  1. Back to the massages! But this time, give massages to each other or, if you want to get frisky, I'll say it again: try tantric massages.
  2. Take a Shibari class together: Shibari, or Japanese rope art, is the perfect way to build intimacy, trust, and comfort with your partner. Plus, you'll be able to explore physical touch even further when you take your newly-learned tricks home.  
  3. Take dancing classes together: You don't have to be a professional dancer to get moving. Whether you learn simple choreography, some basic salsa steps, or sign up for a weekly class, dance will be a good excuse to trail your hands all over each other to the rhythm of the music.
  4. Book a nice hotel room (the more mirrors the better) and have a sexy night in - an overload of physical touch guaranteed.