Eager to connect with your significant other? Try these apps.

We all know the feeling: you’re completely enamored with someone and do everything you can to connect with them. You meet their friends, try new date spots, and maybe even organize quizzy board games nights. But what if meeting gets difficult? What if you can't see each other as often because of distance, busy schedules, and quarantine measures?

That's where apps come in. In 2022, it's easier than ever to stay connected to your partner. From the practical to the entertaining, these are the eight best apps for couples to help you get to know each other more intimately, add spice to your virtual dates, and overall, learn to be a better partner.


If you’re looking for an app that will encourage the dare part of Truth or Date, download Desire. The app provides a series of dares for you to complete (think: “Recreate our first kiss” and “Cuddle for 5 minutes”) The more dares you complete, the more dares you unlock.


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Couples who want a deeper bond but without the gimmicks of dares, try Pillow. The app has 35 erotic yet mindful audio practices to help couples intensify or re-ignite their connection. Curated by industry experts, the app encourages quality time through guided practices. Examples of these  are “The Art of Noticing,” which includes sustained eye contact for a period of time, and “15 Kisses,” an exercise of 15 kisses in different, unexpected locations.

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Another app that empowers couples to forge deeper connections is Kindu. The app offers intimacy-building questions, games, and prompts via a virtual deck of cards. The cards, including the Nighty Night card, suggesting designated lingerie night, or the Meltdown card, suggesting a joint bubble bath, are sure to bring heat and connection to your relationship.



Between claims to be the “best app for couples” with features that allow you and your partner to exchange and store photos and voice messages. It helps couples remember intimate memories and track important dates.


ReGain - Couples Therapy

While it may seem a little silly, this app helps you resolve small and big quibbles you might have with your partner. The app suggests certain solutions and provides advice on how to better express your feelings and initiate conversations. Not to mention, the app also pairs you with compatible therapists and counselors.


Gottman Card Decks

Offered by the Gottman Institute which offers a "research-based approach to relationships", this app is filled with questions, statements, and ideas to help you connect and better understand your partner. The cards are based on the card deck used in their weekend workshops and provide the tools to ground and strengthen your relationship from the comforts of your own home.


NYT Cooking

Looking to stay in, but are struggling to figure out what to make? Try NYT Cooking. A staff favorite, this app makes deciding what’s for dinner a lot easier. You can search through thousands of New York Times recipes and even organize your favorites.


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