We all know that relationships need to be nurtured in order to thrive and we could all use a couple of tips from these romance experts. For example, Savage Lovecast offers no-nonsense advice on how to get through almost every love scenario you can think of while The New York Times’ Modern Love shares quirky stories about love flourishing in all forms. Whether you’re looking to make your current relationship more fulfilling or jump into a new one, these creators will have the answers to your most pressing answers. So sit back, relax and listen to these love doctors.

Modern Love:  This podcast reimagines The New York Times’ long-running “Modern Love” column, which was published in their weekend print issues. Hosted by two editors, Daniel Jones and Miya Lee, the podcast explores the complicated love lives of real people, through their stories.

Old Pros:  Hosted by Kaytlin Bailey, this podcast shares the stories of sex workers and aims to change the perception of their work and industry. It destigmatizes sex work through personal and intimate stories. Each episode focused on an “old pro” from history, contextualizing them in their own time and in the process, places in the grander struggle for sex worker rights.

Savage Lovecast:  Each week, Dan Savage interviews a celebrity or expert guest that helps him answer our burning love and sex-related questions. His most famous episodes feature former Republican strategist Tim Miller and established female porn director Erika Lust. After a few episodes of Savage, you’ll soon understand why he calls himself “America’s only advice columnist.”

Black Love Matters:  New England couple Niram and Niambi open up about their relationship in this intimate podcast. They tackle everything from staying true to your roots to “finding your inner Barack and Michelle.” And you don’t want to miss their popular episode with renowned sex expert San Boodram.

Foreplay Radio:  For something a little raunchier, consider Foreplay Radio, a podcast hosted by two expert sex therapists. Since 2016, the pair have come together to have candid discussions on sex, intimacy, shame, and attachment styles. In their latest episode, they tackle withdrawers and where their desire to stay distant comes from (spoiler alert: the experts share these types of people think they’re not good enough for love).

The Endless Honeymoon:  And for a bit more optimism when it comes to all things love, consider The Endless Honeymoon. Married comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher build on their popular Netflix special in this quippy, concise podcast. Taking calls from fans and listeners, these two offer practical relationship advice while leaning into the undeniable power of love.

We’re Having Gay Sex:  If you’re looking for a queer sex-positive podcast to add to your list, you’ve come to the right place. Comedian Ashley Gavin shares every aspect of her sex life and leaves nothing up to the imagination in her popular podcast. And while the podcast pulls heavily from her own life, she also enlists the help of her young queer friends (most recently, Austin McKenzie, Sam Morrison, and Caitlin Peluffo).

Multiamory:  Don’t fit into the traditional relationship style? Whether it's non-monogamy, swinging, or polyamory – Multiamory has got you covered. If you’re curious about the many different forms a modern romance can take, take a listen to this podcast that sources advice from a variety of experts.

Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer:  In an effort to get to the bottom of her own lack of love, Nicole invites friends, experts, and even former flings to weigh in on her dating life. And as she embarks on this journey you can’t help but reflect on your own. In her latest episode with Drag king Tenderoni, the pair provide tips on how to flirt and why you should try dating older women.

Breakup BOOST:  No relationship podcast list would be complete without one that tells you how to get over your ex. As a certified breakup coach, host Trina Leckie will help you unpack and move on from the heartbreak. If you’re looking for someone to sugarcoat it, you won’t get it here. Expect nothing short of brutally honest guidance.