This Pride Month, we're turning to online sex educators who are filling the gaps in our sex ed by leading conversations around queer sex, pleasure, and identity.

Together with these six sex educators, let's celebrate the diverse and fluid expressions and experiences of sex, love, and intimacy this and every month.  

Lydia Collins (she/her)

(@lacollins_) Collins is a sex educator focused primarily on HIV prevention in African, Caribbean, and Black communities, and decolonial consent education. She is also the author of three self-published poetry chapbooks with the first coming out in 2019. Her TikTok, where she talks about everything from dental dams to TK,

Follow her for personal posts on love and intimacy and updates on upcoming events.  

Doctor Carlton (he/him)

Carlton (@doctorcarlton), aka 'The Buttt Stuff Doc' is a San-Diego-based sex educator focusing on everything related to gay sex. He uses his medical expertise to talk about PrEP (Post-Exposure Prophilaxys) and to teach his followers the questions to ask their own health care providers.  

Follow him for answers to all your questions about anal sex and how to take control of your sexual health.

Casey Tanner, MA, LCPC, CST (they/them)

Tanner (@queersextherapy) is an AASECT certified sex therapist and the founder and CEO of The Expansive Group, a "collective of passionate relationship, gender, and sexuality professionals." Through their Instagram and consulting work, Tanner is providing members of the LGBTQ+ community with tools to feel sexually and romantically free and empowered.

Follow them for daily infographics on topics ranging from 'navigating sex with gender dysphoria' to ' a guide to edging.'

Bang! by Vic Liu

'Bang!' (@bangforall), written by Vic Liu, is "a masturbation sex-ed book built on the idea that people are people, and secondly, have genitalia". The Instagram profile for this illustrated masturbation guide is filled with infographics, guest posts from other sex educators, and occasional masturbation memes.  

Follow them for a preview of the book and to expand your ideas around masturbation.

Domina Franco, M. Ed. (she/her)

Franco (@domina_franco) is a New-York based sex educator and former sex worker.  "My life’s work is to spread the good word about all things sex, consent, and bodily autonomy for the purpose of empowering people to make the right choices for themselves," she writes in a March Instagram caption.

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Anna Wim (they/them)

Wim (@annawim2.0) is a sex educator, visual artist, and writer based in Berlin. With a day job at CHEEX, an online sex-positive community working to remove the taboo from porn, and an Instagram filled with sex toys, Wim creates a space for unapologetic and honest conversations around sexuality and porn.

Follow them for sex toy still lifes, pink aesthetics, and highly educational captions.