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Need help getting into the rhythm? Yearning for some absolute bangers to set the scene? With your submissions and some of our own picks, we've put together a list of the spiciest songs to get you in the mood without invading the bubble you create with your partner(s); some sultry but low-key songs with lyrics that’ll help you express even the dirtiest of thoughts.

Holy - King Princess: For those whose bedroom antics are a religious experience, “Holy” by King Princess is a must during the next service. The song, similarly to the music video, is filled with wetness; drowning, fingers in water, reflections, translucent fabric. It’s deep while staying playful, as sex should be.

Favorite line: “Honey, on your knees, when you look at me.”

Lights On - H.E.R.: H.E.R. always delivers with sticky, honey-colored vocals. The song, a soft anthem to experimentation and trust, is sure to get you in the mood while being low-key enough to avoid major distractions.

Favorite line: “Don’t turn off the lights, can we try something new?”

Neighbors Know My Name - Trey Songs: Songs’ whole discography is filled with sultry and suggestive songs so it’s hard to pick just one but “Neighbors Know My Name'' will surely set the tone for the night. Plus, it’s somewhat aspirational: isn’t it time you get to know your neighbors?

Favorite line: “Girl, your body's a problem, they call me the problem solver.”

I WANNA SEE SOME ASS - Jack Harlow: I only knew this song from the occasionally lost minecrafter on my TikTok For You Page but after getting it recommended by one of our followers it’s definitely making this list. Harlow knows what he wants, is not afraid to ask for it, and you can clearly hear him enjoying himself; there’s really nothing not to like about the song.

Favorite line: “I want to see some ass.” (louder for the people in the back)

U.right luxurious - thatLoVibe: While this mashup of Doja Cat and The Weeknd’s “You’re Right” with Gwen Stefani’s “Luxurious” at moments reminds us of GTA San Andreas strippers, it really manages to get you in the right headspace. The sexiness of “You’re Right” is amplified by Stefani’s “Luxurious” resulting in one sultry but playful track.

Favorite line: “A couple strokes to put it in, then you’ll belong to me.”

Between The Sheets - The Isley Brothers: Keeping it with the GTA strippers and Luxurious, “Between The Sheets” has been sampled into oblivion but is unbeaten in the bedroom. The title says it all, no?

Favorite line: “Hey girl, what’s your fantasy? I’ll take you there to that ecstasy.”

Double Take - dhruv: A deceptively simple song with a melody that’ll leave your mind open to focus on other, more important things.

Favorite line: “And I could say I never unzipped those blue Levi’s inside my head but that’s far from the truth.”

Let’s Get It On - Marvin Gaye: Expected? Maybe. Cliche? Is a cliche really a cliche when it’s this good? Smooth vocals, familiar melody, a rhythm that never gets boring.  You know what - yes, let’s get it on.

Favorite line: “I know you know what I been dreamin' of, don't you, baby?”

Anytime, Anyplace - Janet Jackson: Even if you’re not into an exhibitionist mood, Jackson’s vocals are sure to inspire closeness and experimentation in the bedroom. Amber lighting, warm settings, creeping neighbors; what more do you want?

Favorite line: “I don’t want to stop just because people standing around are watching us."

Only You - Jacqui Siu: A love song and a plea for more, Siu’s lyrics are straightforward and honest. Be sure to queue “Only You” if you’re craving intense eye contact and heat.

Favorite line: “No one touches me like you, only you can make it last.”

For all these songs and more, be sure to save the Spotify playlist below: