Do you have questions about the sex industry? Are you thinking of starting in sex work or are you an industry veteran looking to branch out? Want to connect with other sex workers or make friends in the industry? While there is no sex work manual or centralized database luckily, there is the annual Sex Workers Survival Guide conference.

The Sex Workers Survival Guide is hosting its second annual conference on May 1st, from 10 am to 8 pm ET. This free event is an opportunity for sex workers and allies to network, share industry resources, and learn ways to thrive in this field.

“Community has and will always be the strongest resource we have to keep ourselves and each other safe,” the organization writes in the pre-conference document it shared. That is why the summit is a community effort. SW Survival Guide doesn’t present itself as an expert or figure of authority. Instead, they invite a diverse group of speakers to the conference to share their knowledge, ranging from how to avoid doxing to being your own PR agent.

“The Sex Workers Survival Guide hopes to close the gap by clarifying the legalities, safety measures (sexual, emotional, physical), and the fiancial and business strategies a worker needs for success in the adult entertainment industry,” SWSG writes in this same document.

With these goals in mind, the conference offers moderated talks on topics such as cultivating longevity in the industry, building political power, and protecting your brand. In addition, there will also be a possibility to network and connect one-on-one outside of these discussions.

The summit is also a place to receive free legal advice; from immigration to criminal law as it relates to sex work, you can submit questions to speakers beforehand through a google form.

SW Survival Guide was co-founded by Katarina “The Domme Kat” Pierce, a pro-domme and wrestler. Last year, she told I-D that the non-profit "gives information on everything you need to know on your first day on the job to avoid getting hurt, killed, or arrested.”

Where the 2021 conference was focused on this life-saving information and safety measures, this year’s summit will also highlight ways to thrive and grow in sex work because, while "survival shouldn’t be a luxury”, there doesn't have to be a cap to your aspirations in the industry.  

You can sign up for the conference through this link and watch last year's conference here (NSFW). Hope to see you there!